The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast


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  1. I so wish I could have you work my son. He suffers from severe schizophrenia, only 24 years old… breaks my heart. He's changed so much. Just getting meds and more meds and facilities without much compassion or even understanding of his illness

  2. There should be law that requires doctors to check brains of people who was reported to behave weirdly. It can save so many lives and valuables by preventing people from turning into criminals. Prevention is the most important thing in medicine.

  3. Could you imagine having a problem with your brain, something you might have no idea even exists and society- everyone you have ever or will ever meet exiles you; just brushes you under a rug to rot away. I can't imagine how much damage that might do to someone who's already hurting.

  4. Doctor Ted what about the Tinnitus is that also brain damaged. So many people suffered for this illnesses. Some are swicidal due to too much noise inside their brain.. and it says no cure for it.please tell us.thanks

  5. I fell off a cliff, was in a coma for 2 months, and have a traumatic brain injury. It would be fascinating to see a brain scan of my own brain. I hope I can someday see an image.

  6. Very interesting. But as a physician myself (Internal Medicine Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine) it's not as easy as it sounds. Plus, there has to be large prospective randomized double blinded studies to prove Brain rehab does work, and not cherry pick cases.

  7. wow. incredible guy and insight – this NEEDS to be spoke about and honoured more widely. Incredibly important evermoreso now as we somewhat lose our core DNA to computers 'the technology age' or social media ruling and dictating our visions.. we are humans, we are beautiful and we can help make each other better and live great, meaningful lives here on earth. Incredible talk I hope it helps people

  8. This man is critical of the profession of psychiatry, as being cruel and guessing. I couldn't agree more. However, he is still one of them. He talks of being "suicidal" as if it is a failure of some god's prescribed program & purpose, and he has the authority to know what that purpose is. Rarely do psychiatrists consider that there are objective factors that can lead to hopeless situations such as lack of money, loss of relationship, rejection and bullying at school. None of which any doctor have capacity or desire to compensate for.

    He can only realiably diagnose than an injury has taken place. But if he didn't know it already, I'm sure he'd be tempted to fix whatever-disorder with crude methods. Scan a computer, discover it has overheating in certain spots, and claim you know the program that lead to that state. Yeah, right.

    He could easily play Dr Chinnard from Hellraiser, and. perform. am.pu.tation, so they can walk like zombies and pay some taxes for the "health" and justice system. He has that aura of a villain and manipulator around him. I have unfortunately met one psychiatrist in real life.

  9. Smart brain and brain rehab sounds very vague. He might be on to something, but story about a boy with a tumor is too much of an anecdote to be representative. With or without Spect, as of now, many mental illnesses will have to be addressed by throwing darts in the dark. There may not be morphological correlates at all in many cases. For the the other cases of course his approach may some day be a good approach.

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